What else is in the Tomato+Health Network?

The Tomato+Health Network aims to be the number one promoter of the wide-ranging benefits secured when including tomatoes in the daily diet and will be available from 2015 in 5 language versions.

To facilitate this we are in the process of updating and reinvigorating the look and feel of our web identity.

Updating the technology behind the sites to bring it firmly into the age of mobile devices Reinvigorating the look, feel and content to give a more dynamic and engaging user experience

The Tomato+Health Network will shout out loud the message of healthy eating in a modern world, all underpinned by sound science.


Tomato and Health aims to be the primary global resource centre for authoritative tomato-based knowledge.

The 4 language editions were developed from 2007, as part of the EC-funded LYCOCARD project.

The sites have become established and have an audience. With the addition of fresh, engaging, dynamic new content – and promotion through social media as well as traditional channels – we can grow the size, reach and influence of that audience.

Tomato and Health
Tomate und Gesundheit
Pomodoro e Salute
Tomate y Salud

Red & Juicy

Launched in February 2013, Red and Juicy is a glossy food blog, designed to showcase the multitude of great tastes and rich flavours tomatoes can bring to our gastronomic experience.

The central themes are those of passion for life, flavour and experience, within a setting of natural and vibrant aesthetic.

Content will be fed into the popular food blog networks, and also to parallel platforms on Facebook and Pinterest - where conversation and interaction will be invited and nurtured.

Red and Juicy

Red & Juicy homepage


Love Heart Food is a neutral platform where tasty, easy-to-make combinations of ingredients - natural collaborative champions of a healthy diet - can be showcased in a fresh, modern style of rock, buzz 'n' roll.
Cooking is easy!


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